About Nick Haddad

"Success is Not by Chance, it's by Choice"

Nick Haddad, the creator & founder of Platinum Salon has proven his talent and knowledge in the beauty industry for over 30 Years. He owned and operated his own salon in his native country of Lebanon.

He always had a dream of coming to the United States and expanding the reach of his talent. After Lebanon, Nick went to work in the UAE and subsequently came to the United States in 1980.

Nick Haddad started his own family in 1996 with the birth of his son, Nicholas, he simultaneously started his business in 1996 by opening Platinum Salon International. He has had the privilege of working with and personally training many of the artists at Platinum helping them realize their goals of becoming successful artists. Nick's celebrity clientele can be found within the US and Worldwide.

Nick has always had an amazing outlook on life, love and what it truly takes to be happy. His Clients leave his chair not only with wonderful hair, but a bit of inspiration too.

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